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 Vaping Glossary
Like anything else, there is a language that vapists use. Is vapist a term? If not, This post is to help weed through terms that may come up through your own vaper encounters:

*Note To Any New Users: Please do not get confused. Vaping is simply a battery, a heating element and some e-liquid to vaporize. Refer to this glossary as needed.

Adapter: A device which allows vapers to use cartridges and other parts not originally intended for their e-cigarette device.

AFS: An e-liquid auto delivery system.

Analog: Slang term for a standard tobacco cigarette.

Analogue, Turd: The traditional cigarette made of tobacco.

Anodizing: The process of finishing metal surfaces to prevent corrosion and provide optimum surface for paint.

Atomizer: The e-cigarette’s electronic component that converts e-liquid to vapour.

Atomizer Resistances: Atomizer resistances tell the vaper whether his atomizer is low, standard, or high voltage. Different resistances produce different levels of heat and throat-hit.

Atomizer Types: Like resistances, there are different atomiser types which produce different amounts of taste, vapour, and hit. Currently there are three primary types: the 510, 801, and 901.

Atomizer Wick: The small, mesh-like bridge that helps move e-liquid to the atomiser.

Atty: A shortened, slang term for the atomizer.

Auto Battery: A no-switch battery which relies on inhalation for activation.

Automatic E-Cig: An e-cig which relies on inhalation in order to be activated.

Base Liquid: This is the liquid to which nicotine and flavouring are added create e-juice. The two most common base liquids are known as VG (vegetable glycerine) and PG (propylene glycol).

Base Mix: A base mix is a substance combining a base liquid with nicotine. With a base mix vapers can add their own flavouring and/or dilute as necessary.

Batt: An abbreviated slang term for battery.

Battery: The battery is what powers the atomiser – it can be automatic or manual.

Blanks: Dry cartridges with filler material that the user fills with e-liquid. Sometimes blanks are used as filling tools with other blank cartridges.

Box Mod: A square-shaped battery modification for lithium-ion batteries.

BP: In vaping terminology, BP is an acronym for British Pharmacopoeia; it’s used to describe pure substances certified to be of pharmacopoeial quality.

Bridge: Also known as the “atomiser wick” this is a small, mesh-like piece that sits between the atomiser and the cartridge. It helps the e-liquid flow more easily to the atomiser.

BT: An acronym for Big Tobacco.

Burnt Taste: A very distinct taste produced by taking a drag on an empty cartridge. The term is NOT used to describe poor tasting liquids or bad cartridges.

Cart: An abbreviated slang term for a cartridge.

Carto: An abbreviated slang term for a cartomiser.

Cartomizer: A device which is a combination atomiser and cartridge.

Cartridge: The small plastic device which holds the e-liquid; generally it’s located in the mouthpiece of the electronic cigarette.

Carty: Another abbreviated slang term for a cartridge.

Charger: The device that recharges your e-cig batteries; it can be for a standard wall jack, USB, or automobile adapter.

Cleaning Cycle: This is an extended activation cycle of the battery (usually 20-40 sec.) designed to clean the excess liquid off the atomizer.

Coil: The internal atomiser component that heats up.

Cut / Cutting: The process of diluting e-liquid to achieve the desired nicotine level.

Cutoff: The amount of time a battery will remain active before shutting down to protect the atomiser.

Deep Lung: A slang term used to describe a specific style of vaping. With “deep lung” the vaper takes one long, deep, draw and inhales directly into the lungs without holding the vapour in the mouth.

Digital: One of many terms used to describe the electronic cigarette.

Dipping: The act of dipping the atomiser into e-liquid before vaping.

Direct Dripping: Applying e-liquid directly onto the atomiser, thereby bypassing the cartridge.

Disposable E-Cigarette: An electronic cigarette designed to be thrown away once the cartridge is empty.

Draw: The process of sucking air through the electronic cigarette; with tobacco cigarettes this is as the “drag.”

Drip Tips: A specialized tip used in place of the standard cartridge tip which allows direct dripping of e-liquid onto the atomiser.

Dripping: A process of vaping by simply adding a few drops of e-liquid to the atomiser instead of using a cartridge. This should be avoided as it can damage batteries.

Dry Burn: Drawing on the the atomiser when there is no cartridge and it is completely dry. This can damage your atomiser so it should be avoided.

Dry Smoking: The process of vaping without a cartridge (see “dry vaping”).

Dry Vaping: Vaping without a cartridge; generally practised when the atomiser is saturated with e-liquid.

E-cig / E-Cigarette / E-Ciggy / Electric Cigarette: Another abbreviated term for the electronic cigarette.

E-juice/E-Liquid/Juice: The first kit a new vaper will purchase; it includes an atomiser, a few cartridges, batteries, and a charger.

E-NI: An acronym for Electronic Nicotine Inhaler; this is another term used to describe an electronic cigarette.

E-Pipe: An atomiser designed to mimic a pipe; you can also find others to mimic a cigar.

E-Smoke: The vapour put off by an electronic cigarette.

E-Smokes: Another slang term for electronic cigarettes.

E-Smoking: Another term describing the use of electronic cigarettes.

E-Smoking Device: A generic term encompassing the many different types of electronic cigarettes, e-pipes, and e-cigars.

eCigar: An abbreviated slang term for an electronic cigar.

Electronic Cigar: An atomizer designed to mimic a cigar; you can also find others to mimic a pipe.

Electronic Cigarette: A tobacco alternative that utilizes a smoke-free simulation using electronics and specialised liquid.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits: The first kit a new vaper will purchase; it includes an atomiser, a few cartridges, batteries, and a charger.

FDA: An acronym for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Filler: The material inside of the cartridge or mouthpiece that holds the e-liquid.

Flavorings: The substance added to eat-liquid to give a specific taste; candy flavorings are commonly used.

Flooding: A condition where the atomizer is unable to reach proper temperature because it is flooded with e-liquid.

Fluval: A common filler material used in aquariums; some vapers use it to replace the standard filler found in factory cartridges.

French Hit: A slang term used to describe a specific method of vaping. With the “French Hit” the vapor is allowed to escape the mouth and is then immediately inhaled through the nostrils.

Glycerine: A sweet-tasting liquid commonly used in food production; it is often used as a base liquid for cartridges.

Glycerine BP: A type of base liquid used for e-cigarette cartridges; flavouring and nicotine can be added.

High Resistance (HV) : A designation referring to a specific type of high voltage atomiser.

Inhale: The process of breathing air into your lungs.

Juice: A shortened term referring to e-liquid.

Kensington: A specific type of power pack designed to be used with a USB pass-through; the Kensington is used for sustained, portable vaping.

LED: An acronym for Light Emitting Diode; they are used to simulate the burning embers of a cigarette as well as acting as a battery level indicator.

Li-on: An abbreviated term for lithium ion batteries.

Low Resistance/ Low Voltage (LR/LV) : Two terms used to designate low-voltage atomisers; these atomisers performance the same function as high voltage atomisers but with lower voltage batteries.

Lung Inhale: A term designating a specific method of vaping; with the “lung inhale” the vaper inhales directly into the lungs without the intermediate step of sucking into the mouth first.

mAh: An abbreviation for milliampere/hour; a measurement of how long a battery will last before it needs to be recharged.

Manual Battery: An e-cig battery which is manually activated with a button rather than through inhalation.

Manual E-Cig: An e-cig activated by pressing a small button rather than by simply inhaling.

Manual Switch: A switch found on manual batteries allowing the vaper to turn them on or off.

MC: An acronym for Menthol Crystals; these crystals are used in some e-liquids to simulate menthol cigarettes.

Memory Effect: A process by which NiCad batteries begin performing in properly due to misreported energy levels; the memory effect causes the device to believe that batteries are dead when they are really not. You can reduce the likelihood of the memory effect by regularly discharging fully, and then overcharging, batteries.

Menthol: A substance derived from peppermint which is used in a variety of applications including cigarettes, food of flavouring, and even in medicines. It can be used to flavour e-liquid.

Mesh: The cover of the atomiser bridge; typically made of a metal mesh material.

MG: An acronym for milligrams; in the vaping world this designates how much nicotine is contained in 1ml of liquid.

mg Strength: A measurement denoting the strength of the nicotine level in an e-liquid; 18mg means that for every 1ml of liquid, 1.8% of it is nicotine.

Micro: A designation for a small-sized e-cigarette; usually 50mm – 99mm long.

Mini: A shortened term to describe the Mini e-cig.

Mini e-cig: A designation of the size of certain types of electronic cigarettes; the Mini e-cig is usually the size of a King tobacco cigarette.

ML: An acronym for millilitre; used as a measurement of e-liquid.

MOD: An acronym for Maker’s Own Device; simply put, it is a user-modified electronic cigarette or accessory.

Modder: An individual who modifies his electronic cigarettes and/or accessories.

Mouth Inhale: A slang term used to describe a specific method of a vaping. With “mouth inhale” the vaper sucks that e-smoke into the mouth first, then inhales into the lungs.

Mouthpiece: The end piece of the e-cigarette on which the vaper draws; with a tobacco cigarette this is known as the “butt.”

Nic: An abbreviated slang term for nicotine.

Nic-Juice: A slang term to denote an e-liquid with nicotine; it would NOT be used for e-liquid with zero nicotine.

Nicotine: The drug component of natural tobacco; it is added to e-cigarette liquid to satisfy smoker craving.

Nicotine Level: A measurement of the amount of nicotine in an e-liquid; usually expressed as mg/ml.

Niquid: A generic slang term for e-liquid with nicotine added. Sometimes this liquid has no flavouring, other times it does.

NRT: An acronym for Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Pacifier Mode/Heavy Vaping: The practice of continually using an electronic cigarette without a battery or cartridge, just to have something in your mouth on which to draw.

Passthrough: A device that bypasses the e-cigarette battery through a direct connection to a computer USB port.

PEG: An acronym for Polyethylene Glycol; it is infrequently used as one of the ingredients in the e-liquid.

PEG400: An acronym for Polyethylene Glycol 400; an ingredient sometimes found in e-liquid.

Pen Style: A term used to describe an electronic cigarette which is usually more than 150mm long and slightly resembles a pen.

Personal Inhaler: Another term to describe a personal inhaler device or electronic cigarette.

Personal Vaporizer: Another name given to the electronic cigarette.

PG: An acronym for propylene glycol; used as an ingredient in e-liquid. Propylene glycol is commonly used in food colouring and cosmetics.

Polyfil: The standard material used in the factory to fill cartridges.

PPC: A customized electronic cigarette case which contains its own battery to recharge your atomisers. A typical case will hold a couple of atomisers and cartridges.

Primer Puff: The practice of taking a quick, short draw just to engage the atomiser.

Protected Batteries: Batteries with a small circuit board attached which prevents overcharging, undercharging, and overheating.

PT: An abbreviated term for a USB passthrough device.

PTB: An acronym for Pyramid Tea Bags; sometimes used as a replacement for the factory filling found in cartridges.

Puffer: A slang term used to denote a specific type of e-smoker; the “Puffer” draws vapour into his mouth, removes the atomiser, then inhales into the lungs with a mixture of fresh air. It is the most common form of vaping.

Pull: Another term used to describe the process of sucking the vapour into your mouth.

PV: An acronym for Personal Vaporizer.

Resistance: The amount of electrical resistance provided by an atomiser (see “atomiser resistances”); more resistance results in higher temperatures and more throat-hit.

RTV: An acronym for Right To Vape

RY4: One of the more popular e-liquid flavours described as a smoky combination of vanilla and caramel.

RYO: An acronym for Roll Your Own; the tobacco cigarette practice of making your own cigarettes from raw tobacco and paper.

SB: An acronym for Silver Bullet; this is a large battery e-cig.

SD: An acronym for Screwdriver; another large battery e-cig..

Sealed: A term used to describe a battery with no hole in it.

Smoke Juice: Another term referring to the e-liquid used in electronic cigarettes.

Smokeless Cigarette: Another in a long list of alternative names for the electronic cigarette.

Super Mini: A term used to describe a specific style of e-cig; usually 80mm to 107mm in length.

Tailpipe: The practice of vaping by sucking directly on the atomiser tube, without a cartridge or mouthpiece.

Tank: A specific kind of cartridge designed to hold a larger quantity of liquid.

THR: An acronym for Tobacco Harm Reduction; the principle of THR provides much of the support behind using electronic cigarettes.

Three Piece E-Cigarette: A specific style of electronic cigarette combining a battery, atomiser and cartridge.

Throat-Hit / Throat Kick: The sensation one feels when e-smoke hits the back of the throat; the more realistic the throat-hit, the more desirable it is among many of vapers.

TOB: An abbreviation referring to tobacco flavoring in e-liquid.

Topping Off / Top Off: The practice of adding a few drops of liquid to a cartridge.

Topping Up / Top Up: The practice of adding a few drops of liquid directly to the atomiser bride; also known as dripping.

Torch Mod: A Li-on battery modification using a recycled torch body.

Two Hole / Four Hole Atomizer: A designation referring to the number of air intake holes built into an atomizer; some people prefer one over the other in terms of its simulation of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Two Piece E-Cigarette: A specific style of electronic cigarette combining a battery and a cartomizer.

Unflavored E-Liquid: An E-liquid combining a base liquid and nicotine, but no flavoring.

Unprotected Batteries: Batteries built with no circuit board for protection purposes.

USB Passthrough: Any device which can be attached to a computer USB port for the purposes of drawing power or recharging.

Vaparator: An individual who reviews and rates electronic cigarettes and accessories.

Vapaseur: An an individual who vapes more often than average but not as much as a vapaholic.

Vapatator: Another term for a more advanced vaper.

Vape / Vaping: The practice of using electronic cigarettes.

Vape Butter: The sticky residue that builds up on an atomizer; caused by continually overfilling cartridges or improperly mixing your own e-liquid.

Vape City: A slang term used to know someone who is going to try out his new electronic smoking device for the first time; specifically individual who receives their kit but have to wait for some time before getting to it.

Vape Head: An individual who has designed and built his own vaping device.

Vaped Out: An individual who has reached the limit of his vaping during any given time period.

Vapemeister: Someone who possesses a lot of knowledge in the area of vaping.

Vapeology: A slang term used to note the specific vocabulary and terminology of vaping.

Vaper: A term used to denote someone who uses electronic cigarettes.

Vaping Device: Yet another term to describe e-cigs, e-pipes, e-cigars.

Vapist: A term (made up by me) to denote someone who uses electronic cigarettes.

Vapoholic: A term to denote someone who vapes incessantly, the point of compulsion.

Vapolicious: A slang term referring to e-liquid that is especially a good tasting.

Vapophile / Vapophillic: An individual who practices vaping to the point of obsession

Vapophobe / Vapophobic: An individual who is fearful or adverse to vaping, electronic cigarettes, and the culture surrounding it.

Vaporama: The practice of getting together with other vapers to sample one another’s VJs

Vapor: The “mist” put off by electronic cigarettes to simulate smoke.

Vapor Cigarettes: Another name used to describe electronic cigarettes

Vapor Dropoff: A condition where the amount of vapour expelled by an electronic cigarette is greatly reduced; can be caused by a dry cartridge, low battery, or atomiser malfunction.

Vent Holes: Holes built in to some high-end atomisers in order to provide an outlet for battery gases in case of a catastrophic battery failure.

Very High Resistance / Very High Voltage (VHR / VHV) : A designation for an atomiser using very high voltage batteries; (see “atomiser resistances).

VG: An acronym for vegetable glycerine; a common ingredient used in e-liquid because of its great misting properties.

VJ: An acronym for vape juice; this is another term for e-liquid.

VV: An acronym for variable voltage; used in e-cigs to denote a variable voltage atomiser.

Wadding: Another term to describe the filler material inside a cartridge which holds the juice.

Wick: A piece of poly-fill or string, in a cartridge, which helps facilitate the flow of liquid to the atomiser. Note: this is not the same thing as the atomiser wick.

Wicking: The process by which e-liquid is drawn from the cartridge into the atomiser coil.

Zero Nic: A term to designate e-liquid with absolutely no nicotine added.